Pastor Cardell Hicks & Prophetess Lemuettia Hicks

Senior Pastor & Prophetess

Destined For Greater was planted and culminated in the heart of Prophetess Lemuettia Hicks by the urging of the Holy Spirit. Always having the heart and desire to do the Will of Our Heavenly Father, knew she was destined to do more for the kingdom of God. The Prophetess enrolled in school, graduated and became a Master Certified Life Coach. The Holy Spirit whispered Destined For Greater Consulting and the business/ministry sprung forth. Through Destined For Greater Consulting Prophetess Hicks was able to encourage, empower and uplift God's people in their calling to help others. Due to the fact they are a husband and wife team, working together for the Kingdom of God; Pastor Hicks also became Master Certified Life Coach.

Knowing Pastor and Prophetess Hicks hearts desire to do more for the kingdom, God moved them to another level in ministry. He spoke a word into their hearts and led them to begin part-time ministry in their home by hosting a weekly bible study. They faithfully brought the Word of God every week for two months. In January 2023, out of that same soil of faith that had been planted in, God brought forth and birthed through them a full Gospel ministry-Destined For Greater Ministries. 

Pastor and Prophetess and Lemuettia Hicks are faithful servants of the Lord and will continue to be vessels for the Lord to bring forth even more projects under Destined for Greater banner. Where Holiness and Love will always abound!

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